Sponsored Artists

Leslie Tom

True to her roots of traditional Country Music, she's remained unapologetically Country through her entire career as a singer-songwriter. 

Donnie Blanz

You might catch him live in the Texas Hill Country, and you can always find his tunes at the link below. Singer-Songwriter who's had much success over his career.

Savanna Chestnut

Honest and kind is the impression she'll leave you with. A songwriter who's on the path to carving her own way in Country music. Her craft is strong and timeless.

Daryl Wayne Dasher

A rockin' kinda country artist who's been touring internationally for many years.

A man who has dedicated his life to the art of  music. He's also an internationally touring artist, who's made waves across the globe. His storytelling style of songwriting will captivate you.


Ryan Manuel and The Getaway

A grand mix of all your favorite genres from Blues to Southern Rock. The "New" record is gaining National attention in the Red Dirt arena.