James "Sarge" Carter

For many years I have loved music and what it has done for me, and that is why I created You Found Music. Supporting independent artists, helping them grow a fan base, and assisting in meeting any needs they may have from booking venues and festivals, to promoting a record. I am beyond passionate about helping people, and it's what I do best.



  • Owner and founder of Your Found Music
  • United States Marine Corps Veteran of 12 years. Served as a Personnel Chief, Administrative Chief, Staff Non-Commison Office In Charge (SNCOIC) of a Recruiting Sub-Station, and a Liaison for wounded, ill, and injured Marines at San Antonio Military Medical Center.
  • Songwriter for approximately 8 years. I have always loved to write, and this has been a joy in my life. Most recently recorded was "What's Left of Me", a song that I co-wrote with Donnie Blanz and is a tribute to all those who've served. 
  • Studied at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and currently a student at Park University in Kansas City, MO.
  • Director of Operations at Row Entertainment, Nashville, TN for approximately 1 year 2014/2015, before relocating to Kansas City, MO.
  • Managed social media for multiple artists.
  • Promoted records to radio
  • Pitched to publishers/Labels
  • Organized Events/Shows
  • Personal Management 
  • Artist/Band Management 
  • Venue/Tour/Festival/Booking



"Music should move you...your heart, your mind, your feet, or any combination of the three. That is what youfoundmusic.com is all about...music that moves you. James Carter is one of those all-too-rare people in the music industry that cares as much about the artist as he does about the music. So, if you're looking for promotion for your music, then please contact my friend James at youfoundmusic.com. You'll be very glad you did."  

Donnie Blanz - Singer-Songwriter, and Actor

"James possesses an infectious attitude to assist others and promote their success and well-being through music. I personally observed James utilize his love of music to assist military personnel and Veterans in overcoming PTSD, depression and other traumatic physical injuries. James has dedicated his talents and abilities to honor those who served. He discovered new artists and introduced artists to military families. His efforts coupled with his love of music resulted in consistently positive physical and emotional responses for musicians and military personnel that improved quality of life and opportunities for peer and social engagement. If you or a family member is a musician who desires to promote your music, I urge you to contact James" 

Rick Riley - United States Marine Corps - Colonel

James Carter is one of the few people I have met in the music industry that truly cares about the artists, and the music that we create. He does not push you to be more "commercial" or encourage you to change in any way. He does not have alterior motives. If James decides to "work with an artist, it is because he respects and appreciates who they are and the music that they are creating and will work hard to help you get to where you want to be in your career. "

Savanna Chestnut - Singer-Songwriter