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Below you will find some artists/bands we think are great. These artists are not affiliated with You Found Music, they're just people we love to support.

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Featured Artist

Betsy Phillips - "I Heard That Train"

Captivatingly drawing you in,how delicately she approaches her craft can be heard here with her most recent single release. She is just as amazing live and I'd encourage you to follow and catch her where you can.  


Kelly Hunt - "Bittersweet Goodbye"

John Moreland - "Cherokee"

This man will grab and own your attention with his presence of lyric and melody. One of those guys you need to see live to truly grasp the spirit, and heartfelt approach to truly amazing songwriting.

Brant Croucher - "Blanco County Lights"

You probably haven't heard of or seen this guy perform, unless you've been hanging around East Texas. Underrated? Yes! Amazingly talented singer/songwriter? Very much so! Give him a listen, and I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Esme Patterson - "Francine"

Unique and very talented artist who puts on one hell of a rock show! Catching her live, it was easy to see her passion and energy as an artist. You can also find her featured on Shakey Graves "Dearly Departed".

Jason Isbell - "If We Were Vampires"

A man who really needs no introduction. He's a mad scientist behind the guitar, and a lyrical genius. Silence overcomes the crowd by his very presence on a stage. I witnessed this first hand at one of the five 2015 sold out shows at the Ryman in Nashville, TN. He has laid the groundwork for many to follow in the Americana scene.

Langhorne Slim - "The Way We Move" 

Truly on the hunt to close the divide with his passion and his music. I first caught him live at Hotel Cafe in LA over Grammy weekend, and he was performing a pre-Grammy showcase. Though he wasn't nominated last year, he's sure one who should make the ballot.