Artist Collective

Betsy Phillips


Nashville, Tennessee 

With an elegant and unique approach this singer-songwriter is making waves of her own. True to her spirit and passion for music, and making it meaningful. 

Zach Pietrini


Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

There is something to be said about the craft of songwriting, the embodiment of lyric and melody is sublime. That is exactly what you will find when you listen to his music.  

Leslie Tom


Denver, Colorado 

True to her roots of traditional Country Music, she's remained unapologetically Country through her entire career as a singer-songwriter. 

Daryl Wayne Dasher

A rockin' kinda country artist who's been touring internationally for many years.

Nashville, Tennessee 

A man who has dedicated his life to the art of  music. He's also an internationally touring artist, who's made waves across the globe. His storytelling style of songwriting will captivate you.


Sam Wells


Lawerence, Kansas

Exceptional delivery and character come to mind in introducing the amazing artistry of Sam Wells. Her uniqueness will capture you, and her voice will warrant your attention. New music coming very soon!

Wyatt Brewer


Kansas City, MO

A folk roots glow, with alternative linings and blues vocal flare make up the sound of this multi-genre singer/songwriter. A true teller of stories, and passion for sharing. Also a member of the folk duo The N!te Owls.

Bryton Stoll


Bonner Springs, Kansas

Country music singer-songwriter who's got a story to tell! His voice is grand, and will earn your attention immediately. This Midwestern, guitar slinging, singing Country Boy will have you on your heels, and clapping your hands!

David Luther


Kansas City, Missouri 

What you'll find here is grit, honesty, and a true passion for making music. A man who wears his heart on his sleeve, which bleeds through nicely when you hear him perform. 

The N!te Owls


Kansas City, Missouri 

This alternative/Folk duo has been making music together for over six years. They combine multiple instrument combos, with spot on harmonies and an ever changing style.

Nicki White


Kansas City, Missouri 

Think bluesy soulful rock n' roll! This amazingly talented musician and singer-songwriter will instantly capture your attention with her unique style and craft in making music.